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Dental Implants Specialists New York New Jersey NY, NJ, Manhattan, NYC, Nutley, Long Island, Queens

Post-Treatment Instructions

Please read through ALL of the following to help ensure the best healing possible after your surgery.

For the first 24 hours:

  • TAKE YOUR ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (anti swelling) MEDICATION within one hour of your surgery. Then take it every 4 hours the remainder of the FIRST post-operative day. The day AFTER surgery, take it every 4-6 hours, as needed. Do not take it on an empty stomach to prevent nausea.
  • TAKE YOUR ANTIBIOTICS as directed on the bottle. Do not take them at the same time as your pain medication. Wait about an hour in order to prevent stomach upset. Take your antibiotics until they are ALL finished. "Saving them for a rainy day" makes antibiotics less effective and breeds resistant strains of bacteria. This is why today many antibiotics are not as effective against common infections as they once were.
  • NO EATING, CHEWING until the numbness goes away (about 2 hours). We want to be sure that you do not bite your cheeks, lips, or tongue while they are numb. You may eat a milkshake or yogurt.
  • USE ICE PACKS for 5 minutes on, then 5 minutes off for the rest of the day following surgery. This will help minimize swelling.
  • LIE DOWN AND REST with your head above your heart during the day and tonight when you sleep.
  • NO RINSING out your mouth for at least 4 hours. Then use warm salt water, gently swishing the liquid.
  • NO BRUSHING your teeth for 24 hours, and then avoid the surgical area(s).

For the first 72 hours:

  • NO carbonated beverages.
  • NO alcoholic beverages.

For the first 7 days:


In General:

  • BLEEDING: Oozing is normal for the first 24-48 hours. If bleeding increases or persists, call the office or your doctor for instructions.
  • SWELLING: Swelling is normal following surgery. This will diminish rapidly in the days after surgery. If it continues to increase, please call the office.
  • PRESCRIPTIONS: Take your prescriptions as indicated. If you were prescribed antibiotics, take them until they are finished. Take the pain medication with juice/food to minimize stomach upset and take it only as long as you need it.
  • PERIDEX RINSE: If you were prescribed Peridex rinse, start using it the day after your surgery, using a gentle swishing motion. Use the rinse two times a day, swishing for 0ne minute (after brushing and flossing your other teeth), until your doctor tells you to stop.
  • DIET: Eating cool foods will feel better for the first couple of days after surgery (yogurt, jello, ice cream). Avoid eating hard foods (popcorn, nuts, chips, taco shells, hard toast) and stick to softer foods (spaghetti, macaroni, soups, mashed potatoes, etc.). ALWAYS try to chew on the opposite side from treatment.
  • GET PLENTY OF REST!! Healing always progresses faster by avoiding strenuous work/exercise for 2-3 days. Be kind to yourself and allow your body to heal.

Please feel free to download a printable PDF of this page for your convenience

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Remember, we are here for you!

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