Consequences Of Single Tooth Loss

All our teeth are held securely in place by their roots in the jawbone. Loss of a single tooth is often due to trauma or tooth decay. When a single tooth is lost, and is not immediately replaced, the surrounding bone will begin to resorb or shrink in the empty space, because it is no longer stimulated by the tooth’s roots. With no adjacent support, the neighboring teeth begin to drift toward the area of the missing tooth.

Single Tooth Loss Before
Single Tooth Loss After
Teeth Shifting Due to Single Tooth Loss

The amount of bone loss and the pattern of drifting will vary depending on the individual and the location of tooth loss. The drifting of one tooth may lead to the drifting of several teeth, resulting in a significant amount of movement.

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth
Teeth Drifting from Single Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease may begin to form after your teeth have drifted and erupted because it becomes difficult to properly clean your gums and reach all of the pockets in those areas. This may lead to tooth decay, receding gums, and further tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease Developing after Tooth Loss
Single Tooth Loss New York City

Let’s take a close-up look at what happens when a single tooth is lost of extracted in cross section below:

Bone preservation techniques help preserve the jaw bone and prevent shrinkage in order to make dental implant placement possible.

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