What is Dental Phobia?

What is Dental Phobia? What do the terms odontophobia, dentophobia, fear of the dentist, dental anxiety, and dental phobia all have in common? These terms, despite their different names, have the same meaning: Dental Phobia. Many people were, and still are, under the impression that dental phobia is a made-up fear, used as a “way […]

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Having an unsightly smile can affect your everyday life. Whether it is smiling, talking, or even eating, your smile matters. Patients are commonly in need of restorative work, oftentimes, due to an injury, illness, or other impactful aspects that affect your oral health. With Digital Smile Design, you can create a treatment plan that is […]

Why Is My Mouth So Dry?

Waking up in the morning with dry mouth is like waking up in the Sahara Desert. Those who experience dry mouth understand that regardless of whether or not the above reference is an exaggeration, dry mouth is something very easily detectable. So, what exactly is the cause of this ‘mouth drought?’ Dry mouth, also known […]

Pregnancy And Periodontal Disease

If you are expecting, you are going to experience many changes to your body for the next nine months. Maintaining your overall health is very important, especially during pregnancy. Having a healthy mouth and teeth is very important during pregnancy. Because of the high hormone levels, pregnant women have a higher risk of contracting periodontal […]