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Removable Mini-Implant Supported Denture

One option to replace all teeth on an arch may involve the placement of two (or more) dental implants. Special attachments are placed over the implants, making it possible for a customized denture to be secured in place. This is a connection type known as the locator attachment. The denture may be removed by the patient for cleaning.

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This is an example of how mini implants can be used to stabilize a denture, resulting in a removable implant supported denture.

  1. First, the dental implants are placed into the bone
  2. Depending on the bone quality, the female attachment (in the implant head) can attached to the denture, to allow for immediate function of your denture
  3. The denture is now stabilized through attachments that are inside the prosthesis
Treatment Steps

Removable Mini-Implant Supported Denture

Step 1 Before the procedure

Placement of Mini-Implants for Overdentures

Step 2 Placing the implants and attachments

Overdenture Delivery New York City

Step 3 Delivering the overdenture

Results from Mini-Implant Supported Overdentures

Step 4 The beautiful results

Advantages Disdvantages
Stabilizes denture Must remove the prosthesis daily to clean the post/implants
Ease of cleaning posts/implants Requires ongoing treatment
Can restore facial structures
Prevent jaw bone loss
May use less than 5 implants to support the denture

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