What Is Digital Smile Design?

Having an unsightly smile can affect your everyday life. Whether it is smiling, talking, or even eating, your smile matters. Patients are commonly in need of restorative work, oftentimes, due to an injury, illness, or other impactful aspects that affect your oral health. With Digital Smile Design, you can create a treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs. This advanced technology provides dentists with a more thorough and precise vision of your mouth, providing accurate results.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a state-of-the-art diagnostic dental tool that provides dentists with a better diagnostic vision, enhances their predictability, and improves the communication between the dentist and the patient. This multipurpose treatment protocol offers many advantages to patients as well as the dentist. Digital Smile Design is a comprehensive computerized imaging and modeling system that allows patients to see every step of their treatment. Photos are taken before treatment as well as desirable smiles to begin creating and converting a smile that you would like to be yours.

The advanced technology of Digital Smile Design provides three-dimensional photos and videos of all angles of the mouth. These three-dimensional photos and videos are taken with an intraoral scanner. With these gatherings, the designer can have a better understanding of the relationship between the lips, gums, and teeth to create the most accurate and esthetically pleasing result.

How will Digital Smile Design Benefit Me?

Here at Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we offer a wide variety of aesthetic treatment options. With the use of Digital Smile Design technology, we ensure our patients the most accurate and natural-looking solution. Digital Smile Design allows you to choose the procedure that best matches your end goal. The benefits of using this technology include:

  • Customized results — no two smiles look the same.
  • The most natural-looking end result.
  • Increased confidence once the treatment is completed

The most beneficial aspect of Digital Smile Design is that it gives you, the patient, the great control over your own treatment. You are in control of making your dream smile a reality. It also improves the communication between the dentist and the patient. You work cohesively with our dentists and are informed every step of the way.

The Digital Smile Design Process.

  • Step 1. Digital photos and videos of all angles of your mouth will be taken using the intraoral scanner.
  • Step 2. Our elite specialists will then review the photos and videos with unique software that allows us to begin to make potential changes to your smile.
  • Step 3. A digital mock-up of your end goal smile will be created.
  • Step 4. Impressions of your teeth will be taken for our specialists to then create a physical mold based off of the digital design. These molds can be inserted into the mouth to see if you like the fit and look before moving forward.
  • Step 5. Lastly, a resin model will be made of your new smile.

Why You Should Choose Digital Smile Design.

A one-size fits all treatment will not cater to every patient’s wants and needs. Your smile is important to the way you look and feel. Oftentimes, a simple restoration of the teeth, gums, and jaw will not suffice. With Digital Smile Design, you customize your own treatment plan alongside our experienced specialists.

Digital Smile Design allows you to work hand-in-hand with our specialists to create your dream smile based on your wants and needs. The advanced technology and software are like no other. The entire concept is based on your facial structure and dental proportions, therefore, treatment is customized to every single individual.

Am I A Good Candidate For Digital Smile Design?

If you have dreamed about fixing something about your smile and perfecting it, you are the ideal candidate! What makes Digital Smile Design so beneficial is that just about anybody is a good candidate for the treatment protocol. Every individual’s mouth can be clearly seen through the three-dimensional images and videos which then allows our specialists to design the perfect smile.

Why Choose Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry?

At Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, your smile is our number one priority. That is why our office is fully equipped with up to date, cutting-edge dental technologies. Our elite specialists have years of experience in restorative dentistry. If you have a dental concern or are looking perfect your smile, call us at (877)440-8001.