All-on-Four Fixed Dental Bridge New Jersey & New York

This is our most affordable solution for patients that want to replace and rid themselves of the negative effects of wearing a denture with fixed teeth. For many denture wearing patients, implants were not possible due to the high cost. Now, with the All-on-Four fixed bridge technique, patients are able to get out of their uncomfortable denture, and once again have fixed teeth!

Normally for complete tooth replacment, between 6 – 10 implants are needed to supply enough strength for a fixed implant bridge. New technology has found that if the end implants are placed at a 45 degree angle, their strength is drastically increased. This allows us to be able to anchor a fixed bridge with as few as 4 or 6 implants – far fewer than normally used. Placing fewer implants also saves thousands of dollars.

Even better, crowns can be immediately be attached to these implants, so instead of waiting months to heal, your fixed bridge can be finished in weeks, making it the best, most long-lasting and most affordable option for replacing all of your teeth. With All-onFour fixed implant teeth many more patients now have the option to quickly, and with significant cost reductions, get fixed permanent teeth.

Treatment Steps for New York City Patients Missing All Teeth

All on Four Dental Implant Pre-Procedure

Step 1 Before the procedure

All on Four Dental Implant Placement Process

Step 2 Placing the implants

Attaching a Dental Bridge

Step 3 Attaching the Bridge

All on Four Titled Dental Implants

Step 4 The beautiful results


Smile in a Day™ – Our Solution to Avoiding Dentures

So, what if you still have some or all of your teeth, and you are told you need a denture? We’ve developed a method using All-on-Four technology that can help you avoid a denture!

Our innovative technology utilizes the Teeth in an Hour™ process along with computer guided surgery for patients who still have some or all of their teeth that need to be extracted. The extractions, implants and temporary teeth are placed all in the same day, meaning not only do you not go a day without teeth, but that you never have to wear a denture at all!

Read more about Smile in a Day™, or see our Smile in a Day™ cases!

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