Graftless Zygomatic Dental Implants

Have you been told you don’t have enough bone volume for dental implants?

Then Zygomatic implants might be for you! Read on to learn how our highly skilled dental implants providers can help you achieve beautiful teeth without a bone graft.

Graftless Zygomatic Implants New York CityZygomatic Dental Implants are embedded into the cheekbones, elminating the need for bone grafting and/or sinus lifts prior to getting dental implants.

Traditionally, if you did not have sufficient bone mass in your jaws, the only option was bone graft surgery to regenerate and/or rebuild enough bone mass to create a sufficient foundation for traditional dental implants.

Now there are revolutionary dental implant techniques that eliminate the need for bone grafting altogether. Zygomatic Implants are a graftless dental implant technique where the implant is directly embedded in your cheekbones (medically referred to as Zygoma), where there is enough bone support for the implants. This revolutionary approach is on par with other advanced techniques like Teeth in an Hour™. With zygomatic implants, your healing time is much faster and your total treatment time is minimal, as the implant placement is Computer Guided, so all of the planning is done before you get into the chair.

Typically, dental implant placement is the most difficult in the upper back region of the palate (top molars). Bone loss occurs more rapidly here when teeth are missing, and the presence of the sinus cavities creates yet another obstacle. In the past, in addition to bone grafting, a patient might have to have a sinus lift procedure as well, prior to getting his implants. The development of the Zygoma implant presents a unique alternative for patients who wish to avoid bone grafting, sinus lifts and still get dental implants, as the implants can be placed in areas with only one surgical procedure and eliminates the need for grafting

The process uses a specially extended dental implant (up to 55 mm instead ofthe usual 10mm or 15 mm for normal dental implants) that can be screwed into the cheekbone instead of the jaw bone, which benefits those who don’t have enough jaw bone to sustain regular implants.

What’s more, the zygomatic implants can be placed without surgery. Instead, the patient first undergoes a 3D CT scan of the jaw that makes it possible to guide the implant into the jaw non-invasively.

After the long zygomatic implants are anchored on the upper jaw and inside the zigomatic bone, a provisional prosthesis can be fixed immediately after placing dental implants, until complete restoration is achieved.

The biggest advantages of zygomatic implants over sinus lift procedures are: a) the duration of treatment and b) the success rate, which, according to studies is of 100% after 5 years.

If you are not satisfied with your removable upper prosthesis, it is worth to consider zygomatic implants as an option, because zygomatic dental implants will give you the chance to recover the biomechanics of your original denture.

Advantages to zygoma prosthetic rehabilitation Disadvantages to zygoma prosthetic rehabilitation
Avoid Sinus Augmentation/Lift (bone grafting) Prosthesis will extend to palatal space
Acrylic bridge that can be fabricated and functioning within just a few hours after surgery Must have clinically symptom free and pathology free maxillary sinuses
Shorter treatment time vs. sinus grafting and posterior (back) implants Technique sensitive surgical procedure to place and restore prosthesis

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Dr. Daniel Nejat, DMD
Dr. Daniel Nejat, DMD
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Dr. Daniel Nejat is a board-certified periodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. As one of the leading NYC periodontists, he has made significant achievements beyond the educational requirements of the specialty. Dr. Nejat has been practicing since 2003.

Dr. Daniel Nejat is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, the Northeastern Society of Periodontists, the American Board of Periodontology, the Academy of Osseointegration, and the New York Dental Society.