Treatment Options for Replacing a Single Tooth

Treatment Options

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Removable Partial Denture
Removable Partial Denture
Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge
Tooth-supported Fixed Bridge
Single Tooth Dental Implant
Dental Implant
Removable Partial DentureTooth-Supported BridgeImplant Supported CrownSmile in a Day™ /Teeth in an Hour™
(same day teeth)
CostLowestSame as implantSame as BridgeSame as Implant supported crown
Treatment Time4-12 weeks3-5 weeks2-9 months1 hour
Drill on other teethNoYesNoNo
Life Expectancy5-15 years5-15 yearsLifetimeLifetime
Effect on Dentition &/or Jaw BoneWeakensWeakensStrengthensStrengthens
StabilityLowModerateLike healthy, natural teethLike healthy, natural teeth
Ease of CleaningMust take teeth out at nightCan’t floss between teeth in the bridgeSame as natural teethSame as natural teeth
Chance of Future DecayYesYesNoNo
ComfortPoorModerateLike natural, healthy toothLike natural, healthy tooth
Speech ChangeImproves with timeNoneNoneNone
Preserves BoneNoNoYesYes

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