About Dr. Annemarie Olga Athansios

Dr. Annemarie O. Athansios obtained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree (DMD) graduating with honors from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM). At RSDM she was selected by the faculty committee for exceptional professionalism and ethics granting her the “Professionalism Award” and, in addition, she was also recognized for her volunteer work by the New Jersey Dental Association and was acknowledged with the “Give Kids a Smile Award”.

Dr. Athansios continued her postgraduate 3-year residency training in Periodontics and earned her Masters of Dental Science degree at Rutgers university. During her post graduate tenure Dr. Athansios presented at Tri-school Symposium, served as chief resident, received a degree from the Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry, and was awarded the Michael J. Deasy Endowed Scholarship. Dr. Athansios’s passion towards the field is reflected when she mentors many students at the high school and college level that wish pursue a career in dentistry. She also enjoys going on mission trips with colleagues to renders dental treatment to the underprivileged communities in foreign countries such as Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Egypt.