Complete Dentures

Full Dentures as a Solution for Tooth Loss

Complete dentures as a solution for complete tooth loss

If you have lost all your teeth, there are various treatment options available. One option would be the placement of a removable denture. A denture sits loosely over your gums with no secure connection to your jawbone. Dentures are the cheapest method of tooth replacement, but they are hardly replacements for natural teeth.

A removable denture is custom fitted to each patient’s jawbone. But as it shrinks over time, the removable denture becomes loose. This movement may cause soreness of gums, difficulty in chewing, and trouble speaking.

Pros and Cons of Full DenturesPros and Cons of a Full Denture
Full Dentures New York CityFull Denture

Over the years, the denture may need remodeling, so that it fits the changing shape of the jaw. This can be very frustrating for a patient who experiences this cycle of denture maintenance for many years. With bone loss, it becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize the denture. The remaining bone may not be thick enough to protect one of the jaw’s main nerves from the pressures of biting and chewing. This type of pressure may cause extreme pain and discomfort. The only proven way to prevent or stop bone loss is to replace your natural tooth roots with dental implants.

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Full Lower Denture PlacementFull Denture sits on top of gums, and bone underneath shrinks
Dentures will Cause Jaw Bone To Shrink UnderneathJaw bone will shrink and may leave main nerves unprotected from the pressures of biting and chewing.
Advantages Disadvantages
Short-term Cost Savings Can not sleep with dentures
Ease of Cleaning Will cause further jaw bone loss
Can restore facial structures Long term costs (adhesives & relines) can exceed dental implants

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