Treatment Options for Replacing Several Missing Teeth

Treatment Options

Treatments for Multiple Missing Teeth Removable Partial Denture

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge
Tooth-supported Fixed Bridge
Implant Supported Fixed Bridge
Implant-supported Fixed Bridge
Removable Partial Denture Tooth-Supported Bridge Implant Supported Crown Smile in a Day™ /Teeth in an Hour™
(same day teeth)
Cost Lowest Same as Implant Bridge Same as Tooth Bridge Same as Implant/Tooth Bridge
Treatment Time 4-12 weeks 2-5 weeks 2-9 months About 1 hour
Drill on other teeth Yes Yes No No
Life Expectancy 5-15 years 5-15 years Lifetime Lifetime
Effect on Dentition &/or Jaw Bone Weakens Weakens Strengthens Strengthens
Stability Low Moderate Like healthy, natural teeth Like healthy, natural teeth
Ease of Cleaning Easy (must take teeth out at night) Moderate Same as natural teeth Same as natural teeth
Chance of Future Decay Yes Yes No No
Palate Covered Yes No No No
Comfort Poor Like natural teeth Like natural teeth Like natural teeth
Speech Change Improves with time None None None
Preserves Bone No No Yes Yes

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