Gum Tissue Augmentation

A healthy and attractive smile line includes gums that naturally frame the teeth with symmetrical contours along the entire ridge.

Symmetrical Healthy GumsHealthy Gums with symmetrical contours
Healthy and Attractive SmileSide view

However, gum recession and bone loss may occur for a variety of reasons. This can create indentations and uneven contours. These dark spaces between the teeth may become the focal point of your smile.

Gum Recession New York CityGum recession
Gum Recession and Bone LossSide view of gum recession

To restore the defect, our New York City / Long Island periodontists may perform tissue augmentation, utilizing your own oral tissue or specialized donor tissue. The first step involves preparing the area underneath the gums to accept the replacement tissue. With special care and attention, adequate tissue is placed in the deficient area to augment or plump up the ridge. The graft restores the defect and helps protect the area from further bone loss.

Gum Tissue AugmentationA Tissue Augmentation can augment the ridge and fill the space
Gum Tissue Augmentation NYCSide view after tissue augmentation

The end result is a more natural gum contour that compliments the tooth and contributes to an attractive and healthy smile.

Dental Implant and Gum RestorationPost tissue augmentation, full, healthy gums are restored!

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