Pregnancy And Periodontal Disease

If you are expecting, you are going to experience many changes to your body for the next nine months. Maintaining your overall health is very important, especially during pregnancy. Having a healthy mouth and teeth is very important during pregnancy. Because of the high hormone levels, pregnant women have a higher risk of contracting periodontal […]

Dr. Nejat’s Webinar – Periodontal Disease and Smoking

Periodontal disease is more prevalent and more severe in smokers than in nonsmokers. The host response in smokers is altered by a number of factors including increased gingival crevicular fluid, adhesion molecules and genetics. In addition, smokers are poor healers compared to nonsmokers and their response to periodontal therapy can be compromised which can result […]

Flossing: A new secret to good health?

Flossing helps clean teeth in the areas that brushing alone just cannot reach (between the teeth and under your gum line).  Flossing and then brushing helps remove plaque, a sticky substance that accumulates and hardens over time. Left untreated, plaque deposits can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Learning the proper way to […]