New Teeth Or Dentures In A Day

If you’ve lost teeth to tooth decay or gum disease, partial or complete dentures can be used to replace them. Dentures are false teeth that are removable and look like normal teeth.It can take months after a dentist extracts your teeth to make your custom permanent dentures. Luckily, a dentist can install dental implants within the same day. Therefore, you can leave the dental clinic with a new smile. Let’s examine dentures in a day, what to expect from the procedure, and their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also answer other pressing questions regarding these same-day dental implants.

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is an important step in maintaining proper oral health. Here’s why you need to replace missing teeth.

  1. To Avoid Bone Loss Bone loss can cause your face’s shape to change over time. To avoid this, we recommend replacing your missing teeth with dentures. Furthermore, replacing missing teeth can prevent bone loss.
  2. To Help Your Teeth Function Aside from smiling, your teeth’s main functions are biting and grinding food. However, you’ll need all of your teeth to fully carry out this function. In addition, the gaps left by missing teeth alter the way air flows during speech and can even cause you to speak differently. Replacing missing teeth ensures that you can continue to perform these important functions.
  3. To Improve Your Smile Improving the appearance of your smile is another reason why replacing missing teeth is important. Having a nice smile has several benefits, like boosting your confidence. For this reason, you should consider replacing missing teeth to improve your smile.

What is Smile In A Day?

Smile in a Day is a hybrid denture supported by dental implants and designed to replace your teeth’ full upper or lower rows. Each arch comprises four to six titanium screws attached to your jaw and anchors the dental implants. This procedure effectively replaces teeth because the implants help stimulate the tissues around the jawbone and lead to new teeth growing. Furthermore, this procedure replaces your missing teeth in just a day, allowing you to leave the clinic with a better smile than you walked in with.

What To Expect During The Procedure

  1. Dental examinationThe first step in acquiring one-day dental implants is examining the patient’s teeth and assessing the patient’s oral health. The dentist will look for tooth decay, infections, or any factors that could impede upon the installation of a dental implant in one day. Moreover, the dentist will search for any other teeth that need to be removed before placing the dentures.
  2. Creating the denturesFollowing the examination, the dentist will measure and take a mold of the teeth to ensure that the dentures fit perfectly in your mouth. Afterward, the results will be sent to a dental lab, which will construct the dentures according to the dentist’s specifications.
  3. Fitting the denturesAfter creating the dentures, the dentist will schedule a session to ensure that the same-day teeth implants and dentures fit the patient properly. This session ensures that the patient can use the dentures without feeling any serious discomfort. If the dentures don’t fit, the dentist will make the necessary adjustments.

Am I A Candidate For New Teeth Or Dentures In A Day?

People with missing teeth, sensitive teeth, or extensive tooth decay are the best candidates for dental implants in a day. These dentures are the best option for patients who do not have enough jawbone mass. Ultimately, getting dental implants in one day is personal based on the treatment costs and the advantages and disadvantages.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Teeth Or Dentures In A Day?

Here we’ll highlight some advantages and disadvantages of new teeth or dentures in a day.


The advantages of dentures in a day include:

  • Dentures in a day fill any gaps in your mouth after tooth extraction.
  • These dentures protect your gums during the healing process after a teeth extraction and help reduce gum bleeding.
  • Dentures in a day are placed on the same day as the tooth extraction.


Here are the disadvantages of dentures in a day.

  • You may feel some discomfort or soreness after these 1-day dental implants.
  • You’ll have to wear them for four to six months before getting permanent dentures.
  • Same-day dental implants cost is on the high side.

Are There Any Risk Factors?

You may feel some discomfort if this procedure is not performed correctly. However, there should be no negative effects if the denture is properly fitted with the right adhesives.Adhesives can harm your mouth’s soft and hard tissues if used excessively to fill voids. Furthermore, bone loss is another risk factor of this procedure. Same-day dental implants don’t have too many risk factors, so there is no need to fret.


The importance of a great smile can’t be overemphasized. Dentures in a day prevent oral health problems and fill you with the confidence you need. Hopefully, we’ve addressed any questions you might have had about this procedure. So, why not try these dental implants today and improve your smile?

Frequently Asked Questions

How painful is it to get dental implants?

It’s common to feel soreness in your mouth and gums after getting complete dental implants in one day. However, this sensation should subside after a couple of days.

Why are my dentures loose?

The bones and tissues in your mouth might shrink over time and may cause your dentures to become loose. Luckily, a dentist can make the dentures fit snugly again. However, if the base of the dentures is worn out, you might need to replace them.

Should I wear one day dental implants at night?

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that same-day dental implants are removed at night to allow the gum tissue to rest.

What types of dentures are there?

Dentures are classified into two types. The first type is known as complete dentures, and it is used when all teeth must be replaced. As the name implies, the prosthetic is for the complete set of teeth. The other option is partial dentures, which replaces only some teeth.

How to eat with dentures?

Eating with dentures is similar to eating with real teeth. It is best to avoid hot foods, drinks, and hard foods during the first weeks. You’ll also need to eat slowly at first, but it’ll become easier to eat with dentures as you get used to it.

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